OrNET Browser

Terms & Conditions

As a user of Tor Browser - TorNET, there are a few rules which we expect our users to follow. Below are some of the terms and conditions to use this app, please read them carefully and accept them accordingly.

You agree not to get involved in the following:

Using the app for any kind of illegal purposes lincluding terrorism attacks, murder for hire, fraud, etc. If a user is found to have committed such acts, he/ she will be solely responsible for that.

Hurting those things that belong to us: Intellectual Property for instance patents and copyrights, etc.

Hacking the data of other people.

Using someone else's credit card information for payments.

Sending spam messages or blackmailing others using our platform.

Launching pop ups using our service.

If a user is found to be engaged in any activity mentioned above, his/her account can be terminated either temporarily or permanently.

Kindly know that our services are fast and stable depending on your Internet network. However, during the time of repair and maintenance, the quality, time and speed of our service might fluctuate.

Also, note that we respect the privacy of our users and do not leak any personal information unless ordered by a court of competent justice. This mostly happens if a user is doubted to be involved in some sort of illegal or criminal activities.

This being said, we hope that you will fulfill this criteria as a user of our Tor Browser - TorNET app.